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Our Mission

Remove the stigma of suicide, improve the process of healing & promote the concept that depression is treatable and suicide is preventable.

The concept is simple; I want to walk and talk - get the conversations flowing, and let the elephant out of the room - set that bastard free - and walk we did!!

My team, our supporters and I walked from Beechworth, in North East Victoria, to the place where Sean proposed; under the North Side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We walked approximately 700kms, starting on Easter Saturday and finishing on April 21 st . We walked 35km each day, and had dinner in local pubs each night to have impromptu conversations about our suicide and mental health.

We want others to realise it’s okay to talk freely about suicide, so we can, in some small way, contribute to removing the stigma whilst building awareness, encouraging prevention, and contributing to the healing of other survivors.

What next?


We have started conversations, we have raised money for charity and we
have walked our legs off. This is only the beginning of our journey. In March 2019, we're walking from Beechworth to Bright, and we want you to join us.


Find out how you can get involved. 

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