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B2B's inaugural president, Lisa Cartledge, walked from Beechworth to the north side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in April 2018, to encourage open conversations about suicide and mental health, and raising money for research and prevention. ​Supported by a dedicated volunteer committee who are also survivors of suicide, Lisa's connection to suicide over her lifetime is powerful and heartbreaking. 


If you've been touched by suicide, you'll appreciate the damaging effect it can have on survivors when friends and relatives find your loved one is somehow unmentionable, taboo, or shameful. There is no shame in suicide or surviving suicide. Like any other fatal condition, mental health is not a bad decision, it's an illness. We're asking you to stand up, open up, and start talking about suicide.

We are open to your suggestions - here are some items that were helpful last time around:

  • Prizes for our fundraising activities

  • Hire of vehicles and traffic management equipment

  • Screen printed clothing, promotional items and merchandise

  • Hydration, nutrition and first aid supplies

By committing to support our cause, you will be a part of letting the elephant out of the room and helping to destroy the stigma surrounding suicide. Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal and would love for you to come on board. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to take the next step by emailing exec@b2b.org.au or use the contact form below. 


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Beechworth to Bridge Committee 

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